Melinda Lackey
President & Co-Founder, SEED Impact, USA

At SEED we are honored to build nonprofit capacity, together with the most inspiring human beings imaginable.  It is daily a joy to see such tireless servant-leaders discover and learn to maximize resources they didn't even know they had. Through Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles we can spread the joy through stories. By shining a spotlight on promising social enterprises we hope that more people will leverage their gifts through SEED to make a world of difference.

John Bishop
Chief Executive, Evolve: A Social Impact Company, UK

We have already made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children and their families throughout the UK.  Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles provides us with a platform to share our experiences so that even more children can benefit, helping us to achieve our ultimate goal of transforming a generation.

Pamela Hawley
Founder & CEO, Universal Giving, Global

Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles will transform the philanthropy marketplace.  We talk a lot about philanthropy.  But we need to hear about it from the leaders.  Instant Articles will get you instantly connected to the people who are making it happen. A good thing.

Andrew Middleton
Director of Growth & Innovation, Fixers, UK

Fixers is delighted to be one of the first not-for-profit organisations to be featured on the Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles mobile news feed. Our charity gives young people aged 16-25 the opportunity to create media campaigns on any issue they feel strongly about. More than 20,000 have tackled problems as diverse as mental illness, pollution and sexism. Featuring on this platform will radically amplify these voices bringing new audiences to important memes whilst powerfully communicating the Fixers mission.

Colleen Peterson
Director of Development, Holy Name School, USA

I raise funds for a school, a mission I believe in. The children who walk these halls have stepped into a history of ninety eight years of educational success. I am constantly looking for ways to get the story of Holy Name School out "there". The work of the new Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant articles is an invaluable tool for the work that I do each day. Bringing real stories from all non profits, large and small, to the world at large is one of the most innovative approaches to providing a platform, not only for us, but also for those who give. Thank you.

Brooke Hutchinson
Co-Director, Campaign for Female Education, Global

As an organization focused on social change, we understand the importance of social media. By contributing to Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles, we are proud to share our mission of educating girls, unlocking opportunity for women, and creating a cycle of equality and success.

Bruce DeBoskey
The DeBoskey Group, United States

Utilizing the power and reach of social media to distribute information about giving only serves to further democratize philanthropy.  The more that people across the planet learn about effective ways to improve the world, the better chance we have of preserving it and making it more fair and just for its inhabitants. That's why I am sharing my ideas on Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles.