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  1. A person with intense convictions.
  2. Those who make something from nothing.
  3. Those who fixate on their chosen tasks to the exclusion of other seemingly more lucrative pursuits.
  4. Those who invert the capitalist structure by performing work without hope of or motivation from traditional forms of compensation.
  5. Those who believe that what is hidden must be revealed.
  6. Those who empty themselves into their charitable projects, while simultaneously being filled by them.
  7. Those who define themselves by their charitable work.
  8. Those who privilege intuitive choices over more quantifiable objective methods of reasoning.
  9. Those that possess an egalitarian vision of plentitude and justice.
  10. Those driven to improve the lives of their fellow country men. (i.e. America’s non-profit sector was forged in the 1700s by the country’s earliest beneficent passion players.)
  11. Those motivated by a selfless impulse that goes against more socially acceptable notions of Social Darwinism.
  12. Those driven by a powerful, almost inchoate energy that engorges the soul and fevers the brain. (See Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca’s definition of duende, the Andalusian concept of ecstatic energy that flows from the most mysterious realms of the human heart: “Duende is a power and not a behavior, it is a struggle and not a concept. Duende is not a matter of ability, but of real live form; of blood; of ancient culture; of creative action.”)
  13. Those who wish to make their own meaning. (ex. “[The] criterion [for the passion player] is internal, having to do with an intuitive sense of what is meaningful to the individual. And nothing is quite as meaningful as the meaning one carves out for oneself.”—Roger Cardinal.
  14. Those who have had a vision.
  15. Those who work out of love. (ex. “Never for money, always for love.” –David Byrne.)

Synonyms: philanthropist, altruist, visionary, benefactor, hero.

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